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Cisco Webex Experience Management Activation

Experience Management Activation Team receives relevant account information collected during purchase of Experience Management license and performs the following:

Under your main account, three sub-accounts will be created to help unlock the complete functionality of Experience Management in your Cisco Finesse as well. As an example, if your preferred account name is set as abc, your accounts will be :

wxmabc - The organization account created with the name provided

wxmabcadmin - This is the account we recommend you use if and when you need to log in via web browser. From this account, apart from the preloaded defaults, you can create and configure new questionnaires, metric groups for widgets, spaces, create new sub-accounts, set up notification rules and much more.

wxmabcdesktop - This account will help you view data, trends and reports directly from your Cisco Finesse so that you have a consolidated view from within your or your agents’ dashboards at all times without having to switch windows.

wxmabcsystem - Similar to wxmabcdesktop account, this account will be created with the aim of improving you and your team’s efficiency by allowing you to generate survey tokens directly from your Cisco Finesse.

The Experience Management Activation Team will run a thorough QA of all your accounts, their configurations and their default features before handing it over to your contact center’s administrator. During the handover, an email will be sent across to your contact center’s administrator with the following information :

  1. Four account usernames, from the above example : wxmabc, wxmabcadmin, wxmabcdesktop and wxmabcsystem.
  2. The default IVR questionnaire name which was created.
  3. The names of the default metric groups (widgets) and spaces which were configured.
  4. A voice pin to be configured on Finesse which will be used to begin the IVR questionnaire after a call has ended.
  5. Web URL Prefix : cloudsurveyweb (Will be available for Email and SMS as outbound channels for survey)

For Unified CCX, you need to provision your own Twilio account to manage the Post Call Survey. See the Twilio Setup in Experience Management Guide.

Shortly following this email, you will receive four emails with links to activate your accounts. Please ensure you reset and choose a secure password for the organisation account and admin sub-account (wxmabc and wxmabcadmin) by clicking on the “forgot password” link on the login page. You do not need to reset the passwords for the two integration accounts (wxmabcdesktop and wxmabcsystem) as they will function with the help of API keys and by default will not have a login password associated with them. The API keys will be sent over a separate email to you or your contact center’s administrator after the accounts have been activated.