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Cisco Webex Experience Management Overview

In an economy where customer experience trumps price and product, the Experience Management platform helps organizations exceed customer expectations and deliver business outcomes through its three pillars of customer experience:

In order to manage the customer experience, you need to understand, measure and improve on it. Building a customer journey map provides an understanding of the current customer experience your brand provides and sets the stage for identifying areas for improvement. Since there is no magical moment that defines the whole experience with a brand, brands must look at customer experience as a sum of interactions and understand that customers’ loyalty is a direct result of all of these interactions combined.

Rather than asking customers for identical information on multiple surveys sent from different teams who need to know the same information, a connected customer experience platform will unearth relevant data. Providing teams with open and free access to accumulated data mean every decision is data-driven, is based on real customer information and considers possible impacts on other teams as well.

Building an accurate customer journey map and continually measuring the customer experience is not enough — in a fast-paced world, it’s equally as important to act on opportunities and potential issues as soon as possible. The best way to do so is to proactively analyse the key drivers of the customer experience. A well-designed customer journey map and steady feedback stream will provide many data points on potential changes that may improve the customers’ experience, but identifying which changes can influence long-term success is what really matters in the end.

In this context, Experience Management helps your contact center proactively deliver customer experience by analysing voice of the customer (VOC) and showing the customer journey. Additionally predictive tools help them drive outcomes and KPIs that matter for the contact centre.

With Experience Management, contact centers are enabled to: