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Cisco Webex Experience Management IVR Survey using Twilio


How does it work?

Experience Management uses Twilio for feedback collection over IVR. When a call is initiated through a Twilio SIP endpoint, Twilio will invoke Experience Management’s web application along with the survey token. Experience Management’s web application takes care of validating the token, prompting the survey questions, handling the survey, and then submit to the Experience Management.

Getting started in Twilio

Login to Twilio console and select Programmable Voice from the vertical menu on the left side of the view which will bring you to the Dashboard. Now navigate to SIP Domains/Endpoints.

Refer official Twilio doc for more info on this topic.

Getting started in Experience Management

This document assumes you know how to create a basic questionnaire. Now to make a call you need Token ID / Voice PIN. You need to create then survey token to get Token ID / Voice PIN, two ways to do it.

How to make a call

Now you have Twilio SIP domain created by you and Token ID/Voice PIN. From any softphone where you can make a SIP call enter the SIP URL in the below format.

sip:<TokenID>@<your SIP sub domain> or sip:<Voice PIN>@<your SIP sub domain>

Please add the IP from which the SIP call originates to the Twilio whitelist.

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