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Invitations Overview

New Invitations Module

The new invitation management enables a personalized experience for receiving survey invitations across various channels on the journey using workflows that can be configured and reused across chosen transmission channels like SMS/Email while requiring no PII information in the Webex XM platform.

Customers will be migrated from SIM and Invitations Classic to the new Invitations by the end of February (in approximately one month).

The migration will involve zero downtime for all our customers. There are however a few important steps you need to perform ahead of the migration order to transition smoothly. Please read through the information on this page so that you can ensure the transition for you is seamless.

What’s new and great

Early Preview Feedback

“There is an assurance that if anything goes wrong, we will come to know as soon as possible. They all add a lot of value to the platform both from a user’s perspective and benefits from customer experience perspective as well.”

“This is really helpful in understanding response rate and do we really need to trigger a second reminder and then put this together in a broader policy that is framed. From that perspective, these analysis help a lot.”

What has changed

What we need from you

All of the infra provisioning, deployment, configuration, and migration will be completely done by us (till the move to your infra). We would need your help with whitelisting the IPs in the timeline we share. Other solutions such as SIM and DP will be retired by end of February.

Participate in the training session we would run for you and your team for a seamless transition

We would also need your assistance in entering the SMTP/SMS creds in the ACM module at the time of configuration or share the creds with us which is not preferred.