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Welcome to Webex Experience Management’s Developer Guide

If you are a first time visitor, welcome to Webex Experience Management!

Webex Experience Management is a cloud application that can help you understand your customers needs and improve your products or services to meet their expectations.

Start with our Getting Started Guide to learn about our most popular features.

If you are a developer, we’d love to help you code for customer delight! Get started exploring our Open API documentation and Interactive API Explorer.

What you can do using Webex Experience Management’s APIs

Here are the possibilities:

Bring your own front-end (app)

You want a really cool looking front-end app that resonates exactly with the cool factor of your brand? Do you have your own in-house design Guru? Integrate your own front-end with our enterprise analytics platform.

Bring your own channel

Are you Pizza Hut and want to measure NPS® by the number of times your customer ring a bell in happiness? Get a Raspberry Pi sit next to bell and accept rings as NPS® point score every time a customer is happy.

Bring your own dashboard

Are you looking for a custom-made or a proprietary way to visualize data? Got a web developer to string together any visualization component to use the API? Well! You have it right there!

Add to your enterprise dashboard

Add a simple button to click-through to Webex Experience Management analytics using SSO (single sign on), your own IT team that manages the rest of the dashboard can do this in one line of code.

Bring your own reports

Need custom reports for your Managers ? Got a Java developer to use iText PDF library to generate beautiful reports tailored for your purpose? There you have it!

Bring your own storage

Paranoid about data security? You can leverage Webex Experience Management to source and collect from 6 different channels while using API to store on-premises the data collected and deleted from cloud in one go.

Bring your own real-time responders

Need to fire-fight or open a ticket or track an issue or send a SMS or display it on a info wall? Get your own IT team to write less than a dozen lines to receive notifications programmatically on to your enterprise system for further processing.

The underlying purpose of API to is to be able to replace any piece of the puzzle that you need to customize, while still leveraging the entire picture intact without any effort.

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