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Push Notifications

Real-Time Push Notification on API

Real-time notifications set with any criteria filter or even for every response(when criteria set is generic match-all such as ‘Any Rating : Less Than 6’) collected can be forwarded to your own API for further processing. For example you can react to a real-time rating event from a customer in store that needs to be further pushed using your central CRM for action from the right call center staff. Set the URL of the controller/script that can receive the complete answer as JSON POST by creating a new notification in the dashboard, with the URL as the target (in-place of email destination), this will trigger a notification to your server.

Example Call Posted to your Server/API/Code

Content-Type: application/json

Example Body

  "notification": "Answered With Less Than 12",
  "answer": {
    "LocationId": "Downtown",
    "ResponseDateTime": "2014-12-20T14:34:08.426Z",
      "QuestionId": "547ef11244ed4d230088b981",
      "QuestionText": "Rate The Service You Received",
      "TextInput": null,
      "NumberInput": 3,
      "QuestionId": "547ef11244ed4d230088b982",
      "QuestionText": "Would you like us to contact you",
      "TextInput": “Yes”,
      "NumberInput": 0,

Reply after receive expected by API is a HTTP OK(200), if the API does not receive a successful response from your API or receives a error(404) it may stop sending any more notifications to that URL.