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Submit Responses

Submitting Responses Using A Token

Responses once collected using a token survey on any Webex Experience Management channel (or a channel you may build yourself using our API) can be posted back to the API platform for Analytics and Dashboard Access.

Example Call to Post a Response after Collection

Content-Type: application/json

Example Body

The body of the response depends on the questionnaire that you have configured in Webex Experience Management.

 "locationId": "Downtown",
 "responseDateTime": "2015-01-10T10:44:17.455Z",
 "responses": [{
 "textInput": null,
 "numberInput": 2345,
 "questionId": "547ef11244ed4d230088b981",
 "textInput": "Valet parking would be nice for this location",
 "numberInput": 0,
 "questionText": "Enter your customer number",
 "questionText": "How can we improve, let us know",

Example Response

Successful addition will return the complete response with a response id assigned by API for further reference.

"id": "54b1028f8c62c31cf036eaf7",
 "locationId": "Downtown",
 "responseDateTime": "2015-01-10T10:44:17.455Z"

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