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Integrations are one of the 3 pillars of CX that Experience Management strongly believes in. Experience Management’s open API architecture powers the ability to integrate with literally any platform out there that supports API integrations.

In the majority of organizations, data is fragmented across functional teams and their software, leading to a siloed view of the customer journey. For customer experience management to be a success, organizations will want to integrate the data they already have into one platform to have one view of a customer’s journey. One view of the customer journey becomes incredibly powerful as it will drive actionable insights. Disseminating this one view across various teams in the organizations will play a key part in the entire organization aligning towards common goals that will drive better customer experience.


Seamless integrations with common biz apps break down data silos and bring all the data about your customers into meaningful human stories. Breaking data silos will enable every business function and employee to make data-driven decisions, based on real customer information. Integrated data provides opportunities for proactive support, pre-emptive grievance redressal, contextual feedback collection, advanced marketing automation, and so on.

Experience Management delivers on its emphasis on open API architecture by having over 300 APIs to execute various operations on the platform. These APIs can be consumed to build out a variety of integrations with all the variety of software out there in the world such as CRM systems, ERP systems, Helpdesk tools, Marketing automation software, Enterprise collaboration tools, etc.

Experience Management provisions integrations in a couple of different ways:

View the list of service providers supported by Experience Management here.