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Cisco Webex Experience Management integration with Cisco CJaaS

Cisco CJaaS integrates with Webex Experience Management, completely out-of-the-box. This allows survey responses collected in Webex XM to be pushed automatically and stored in the CJaaS platform. This experiential feedback data, combined with other journey events in CJaaS can provide a richer journey view for agents using Webex Contact Center. Below is an example of the Timeline Profile widget with the survey feedback from the customer plugged into the customer journey along with other journey events.


How to Setup the CJaaS Integration in Webex Experience Management

Step 01 - To configure the CJaaS integration in Webex XM, sign in to Webex XM and navigate to CX Setup (under the top left menu). In the left menu, under the account settings section, go to integrations. You can find the Cisco CJaaS integration listed under the group “Outbound Integrations”.


Step 02 - In the Customer Journey integration screen, add the SAS Token with ‘w’ (write) access to ‘ds’ (DataSink) service in the input filed to add the configuration and click “Save”.


Once saved, Webex XM will start forwarding all survey responses to CJaaS automatically. The customer mobile number serves as the primary identifier used to link survey response data with customer’s journey events. In the absence of a mobile number, customer email is used as a fallback automatically to identify and link the data in CJaaS. Please ensure that customer mobile number or email is captured correctly as a part of their survey response.

If the CJaaS journey widget is configured in the Webex CC agent desktop, then you should start to see the survey responses in the Timeline Profile widget.