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Cisco Webex Experience Management integration with Freshdesk

With this integration, get your Experience management account to work with your Freshdesk ticketing for grievance redressal based on customer feedback raised as tickets, close the loop & update data on your CEM Webex Experience Management platform with ticket status & more. The app will allow you to:

The integration provides agent with enough context to proactively understand the customer’s concerns and reach out with the right solution to not just satisfy the customer, but delight them!

1. Installation

1.1. Experience Management App in Freshdesk

Login to Freshdesk product with “Admin” role and navigate to ‘Admin’ tab


Click on the “Apps” icon under ‘Admin’ tab


A screen will appear and you can see all your existing installed apps here. Click on ‘Get More Apps’.


Type ‘Webex Experience Management’ in the Search box to find the app


Once user clicks on Webex Experience Management app, it will allow user to Install




Now click “Update /Save” to get started with your Experience Management integration.


Once all the details are filled in, click on Enable to get the app and user can start using the app once authentication is successful.

1.2. Configuring Freshdesk in Experience Management

Login to Experience Management and navigate to Integration menu


User can view the ‘Freshdesk’ tab under integrations. It requests user to key in Freshdesk Admin Key and Freshdesk Domain to authenticate and to establish connection between the systems.



Freshdesk Admin API key can be found under ‘Your API Key’


Once the information is keyed in by the user, system will check for the mandatory mappings.

To create a ticket in Freshdesk it is mandate to have the following field’s information -

For each of the above fields in Freshdesk there should be associated Question Tag in Experience Management and this is mandatory.

If any of the mappings doesn’t exist then system shows an error


Uniformity of the user is identified with the combination of ‘Name + Mobile’ or ‘Name + Email’ in Freshdesk.

Once the authentication and mappings are cleared then system shows the following screen for the user to add any custom mappings on top of default


Setting a new notification

To create tickets in Freshdesk user need to configure a notification in Experience Management. Based on the condition set system should automatically create a ticket in Freshdesk. Any update made to the ticket needs to be appended as a note to the customer response in Experience Management



m. Enter the required details:


2. Integration Testing

To check the integration between Experience Management and Freshdesk, the following can be done


3. Freshdesk Agent View of Experience Management app

When an agent views the ticket in Freshdesk then Experience Management app displays NPS related to that particular ticket/response only


4. Freshdesk Admin view of Experience Management app

Admin will view the following information under ‘Requester Info’ section of Freshdesk ticket


5. Freshdesk Contact info Experience Management app

Irrespective of roles in Freshdesk the Experience Management app displays the last 5 NPS score of the respective contact under ‘Contacts’ view.

TAGS field will be in hidden in the TICKET view because this field is being utilized by Experience Management App to store the Unique CC Answer ID and NPS Score of the Current Ticket where CCAnswerID will be used for adding a note at the CC End and NPS Score is for displaying current NPS of customer. In order to secure these two values from unexpected deletion this setting has been made.