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Cisco Webex Experience Management integration with Webex Teams using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps for Cisco Internal Consumption

We’ve made it easier for you to receive real-time notifications when your customers give you survey feedback, so that you can quickly follow-up and “close the loop” with your customers. How? By integrating Webex Experience Management with Webex Teams. You can already set alert notifications to email, SMS and a lot more, and with the new Webex Teams integration, you can automatically receive a Teams message whenever there is nuance such as a bad customer review.

You can also use the Webex Teams integration to notify teams who should be alerted for specific reasons such as a positive review, or an important comment such as the customer is interested in learning more about a product. This improves cross-company collaboration and allows individuals and teams to quickly address the issue and turn it into an opportunity to increase revenues and improve KPIs such as CSAT and NPS.

1. Use cases

Integrations between the two systems are quite a broad topic. It is important to narrow down on the use cases that we want to accomplish by integrating two systems. The standard use cases that we have identified for integration between Experience Management and Webex Teams are as given below:

This video (922 Webex Teams integration for Experience Management demonstration will walk you through the Webex Teams integration with WXM.

2. Setting up the integration (For internal Cisco consumption only)

If an internal team in Cisco wants to set up this Webex Teams integration for their own use, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Create a new Space in Webex Teams OR go to the existing space to which you would like to send notifications

  2. Add “Cisco Webex Experience Management Bot” as a participant to the space

  3. Once the Bot is added, it will share the Room Name and Room ID in the same space


  1. Please fill out the form / survey here to receive a webhook URL over an email - Click here for the survey

4a. RoomId (Sample): What you received from Step 3

4b. Enter the email address to which the Webhook URL should be sent

4c. You will receiving an email in the following format.


You are receiving this email from Cisco Webex Experience Management because you recently responded to a survey and provided us the Room ID for the Cisco Webex Team Space. This Team Space can be now used to receive notifications from Experience Management.

Below are the required details to create notifications in Webex Experience Management
API Post Fill Webhook URL.

<URL Details>

To know more about how to create notifications in Webex Experience Management, please follow the [link](


Cisco Webex Experience Management Team
  1. You will receive an email with webhook URL within 2 working days

  2. Once webhook URL is received, follow the below steps to configure in Cisco Webex Experience Management platform

6.a. Login to the product dashboard

6.b. Navigate to CX Setup

6.c. Choose “General Notifications” from the menu


6.d. Choose “New Response Notification”


6.e. Fill in the necessary details in the form, choose “Select Target” as “API POST URL”. Copy and Paste the webhook URL received over email in the section highlighted in the screenshot below and save the notification


i. You can choose list of questions which needs to be pushed in the notification to webex teams by selecting the needed questions from the “Notify Only” section. This ensures only questions that needs focus are sent and avoids meta data questions such as browser, IP etc

ii. Make sure the survey on which you want the alert is already created. If not, go ahead and create ( it.

  1. Its now time to test the configuration and confirm the notifications are sent to Webex teams correctly.

7.a. Create a survey token




Please create a multi use token for testing by providing "-1" as the value in the "Usage" field

7.b. Click on the “Settings” icon on the token that you just created


7.c. Select “Staff Reuse Link”


6.i. Use this link to submit surveys for testing


6.j. Survey gets populated in both Dashboard. Also, if the condition is met as per what was configured under the “General Notification” you created, then it will get pushed to the Webex Teams’ space as well and an alert will be received.


For Any further Support please contact –