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Cisco Webex Experience Management integration with Zendesk

With this integration, get your Experience management account to work with your Zendesk ticketing for grievance redressal based on customer feedback raised as tickets, close the loop & update data on your CEM Webex Experience Management platform with ticket status & more. The app will allow you to:

The integration provides agent with enough context to proactively understand the customer’s concerns and reach out with the right solution to not just satisfy the customer, but delight them!

1. Installation

1.1. Webex Experience Management App in Zendesk









1.2. Configuring Zendesk App in Webex Experience Management


c. System displays the following as part of “integrations”, Click on “Zendesk” tab


d. Input the following information to establish a connection between Zendesk and Webex Experience Management


All the above Zendesk details needs to be taken from the account where the Webex Experience Management App is installed.

e. Click on “CC-ZD Connect”.

f. To create a ticket in Zendesk it is mandatory to have the following field’s information -

For each of the above fields in Zendesk there should be an associated Question Tag in Webex Experience Management and this is mandatory. If any of these mappings are not available, then system will show an error message asking user to create Tags in Webex Experience Management.


g. Once the authentication and default /required mappings are validated then system will navigate / show the following information. Where in user can add custom mappings apart from default.


h. Any custom mappings apart from default can be done from the above screen. Following illustrates steps to create custom tag mappings

Few fields from Zendesk will not be populated as part of mapping like assignee, priority, type, subject, description, group, status etc, since these might be internal to Zendesk (look-up fields) and similarly Webex Experience Management custom fields like npsscore, ccticket will not be displayed.

DataTypes compatibility between Webex Experience Management and Zendesk

Cloud Cherry Datatype Zendesk Datatype
Text textarea,subject,description
MultiLineText textarea,subject,description
STAR-5 integer,decimal
NUMBER integer,decimal
SMILE-5 integer,decimal
SCALE integer,decimal
SELECT tagger,priority,tickettype
DATE date

i. Identity of the user is identified with the combination of ‘Name + Mobile’ or ‘Name + Email’ in Zendesk.

j. Setting up notification in Webex Experience Management, navigate to “Settings » General Notifications” menu in Webex Experience Management.


k. Under “Notifications”, click on “New Response Notification” for Zendesk


l. Once we click on the ‘New response Notificaion’ , the create notification window pops up.

m. Enter the required details:


n. Post successful completion of above steps, if any customer takes the survey and if the condition specified in the Notification is met then a ticket will be created in the configured Zendesk account.

o. If any action is made on the ticket at Zendesk then the same will be appended as a note in Webex Experience Management.

p. All the exceptions will be logged and user can manually retry from the log viewer. Additionaly automatic retries will be done by the system at regular intervals.

2. Sample Integration Testing

Following steps illustrates on how to test the integration between Webex Experience Management and Zendesk.

3. Zendesk Agent View of Webex Experience Management App/Ticket

When an agent views the ticket in Zendesk then Experience Management app displays NPS related to that particular ticket/response only


4. Zendesk Admin View of Webex Experience Management App/Ticket

Admin will view the following information under ‘Requester Info’ section of Zendesk ticket


5. Zendesk contact view

Irrespective of roles in Zendesk the Experience Management app displays the last 5 NPS score of the respective contact under ‘Contacts’ view.


Make sure the setting in Ticket view of your Zendesk is set to "Stay On Ticket" since default value for this is "Close Tab", hence we recommend to configure this is an explicit setting. Without which the integration will not be working as desired and skips to add a "Note" in Webex Experience Management.
Agent or Admin should not alter the "CCTicket " and "NPSScore" fields, as these will be used to display the graphical reports as part of the app and also to send update to Webex Experience Management whenever any action is performed at Zendesk.