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Integration Catalog

Out of the box Direct / One to one integrations available

Experience Management has built out deep, tight, one to one, ready integrations with a range of products out there in the market. Some of the ready integrations are listed below.

Product Category Service Provider Documentation
CRM System Microsoft Dynamics
CRM System Capillary
Help Desk/Ticketing Freshdesk User guide
Help Desk/Ticketing Zendesk User guide
Help Desk/Ticketing Zoho Service Desk Plus
Contact Center solution Cisco Contact Center Integration details
SMS Engines MessageBird
SMS Engines Gupshup
SMS Engines Netcore
SMS Engines Pinnacle
SMS Engines ValueFirst
SMS Engines IMI Mobile User guide
Email Engines SparkPost
Email Engines Mandrill
Email Engines Netcore
Email Engines Gupshup
Email Engines ValueFirst
Email Engines Your own SMTP server
Outbound Integrations Cisco CJaaS User guide

To manage integrations in Experience Management, go to CX Setup » Account Settings » integrations


Integration automation using Microsoft Logic Apps

As explained under the building integrations section of the University, customers/partners could build zero code integrations by leveraging Microsoft Logic apps platform. To make consumption of this method of integration easier, we as Cisco Webex Experience management will create Logic App workflows that satisfy the standard use cases mentioned here. We will over time publish a Logic App for each use case for selected products under each product category as a JSON here. Logic App provides the flexibility to import such published Logic Apps into any other Azure account.

Customers and Partners can build their own integrations using Logic apps by consuming the connectors that are published in Logic apps as well.

We have created an elaborate guide for importing logic apps into your own Azure subscription and setting up an integration very quickly. Please refer to this guide for reference on importing published logic apps into your Azure subscription.

CRM and ERP Systems Documents
Salesforce User guide
Helpdesk tools Documents
Collaboration tools Documents
Webex Teams User guide
Salesforce Chatter
Microsoft Teams
Marketing Automation Documents
Email Tools Documents
Office 365 Outlook
SMS Tools Documents