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See what’s new with Webex Experience Management and take a look at recent history of larger product updates.

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Last Updated on Jan 24, 2022

Post Call SMS Survey via imimobile
Nov 2021
  • Quickly start collecting rich feedback with deeply integrated imimobile SMS service.
  • Lightweight, minimal configuration solution available on Listen/Analyze/Predict subscription (available now for trials).
  • Use the existing PCS feedback activity on FlowControl to setup without needing ‘cloud-hosted module’ for SMS dispatch.
Conditional Message on Completion of Feedback
Sept 2021
  • Engage with customers appropriately post a survey based on the feedback they provided.
  • Setup conditional messages at the end based on responses received for various questions based on their response.
  • Use AND/OR based logic to create complex conditions to handle the post feedback message.
Cisco AI integration for real-time sentiment and theme analysis of live or recorded calls
August 2021
  • Recorded call transcripts powered by Cisco AI come together with the powerful text and sentiment analysis in Experience Management. This empowers agents using Experience Management to understand the pulse of the customer by viewing experiential data combined with the caller’s sentiment.
  • Speech diarization allows separate analysis for customer and agent conversation allowing both agents and supervisors to understand and identify patterns in call conversations.
  • Word Cloud in Experience Management allows quick and easy analysis of transcript data and also enables quick drill down into individual responses from customers for further deep-dive analysis.


Randomize Answer Options and Set Selection Limit
July 2021
  • Answer options in Single Answer, Multiple Answer, and Rank by Order questions can be restricted by count and randomized in order while presenting the survey to respondents.
  • A minimum value of 2 options can be presented from any set of options while the maximum is capped to the total number of answer options added to the question.
Download Questions for Individual Questionnaire
June 2021
  • Users will be able to download the questions as an excel file for each questionnaire individually.
  • This allows for better management and sharing of questionnaires across the organization.
  • This is available under More Options > Download as Excel in the questionnaire card.
Integrations Revamp for Enhanced Usability
May 2021
  • We revamped the integrations module to align better with permissions and to provide an enhanced user experience.
  • A new card-based layout solves both security, and usability issues and provides clarity to the user about which integration they are updating. Additionally, this layout ensures that changes made by users are not lost when they switched tabs in the older layout.
  • Now sub-users can view & edit only custom SMTP, custom SMS, and invitation queue for their accounts. All other integrations are managed by the account admin.


Loop Closure Ticket Summary on the Dashboard
May 2021
  • Agents and frontline employees on loop closure can now get an aggregate summary of their tickets. A quick glance to understand open tickets, escalated, AHT, etc.
  • Ticket status summary will also be available on mobile apps loop closure module for agents and frontline employees on the move removing dependency on Excel reports for a basic summary



Enhancements to Responses/Tickets Search capability
Apr 2021
  • All the matches will be highlighted across all Single Line and Multi-Line questions in the Response view.
  • Ticket ID will be highlighted if it matches with the search text in the Ticket Info view.
  • The number of matches found will be shown as a count on both Response and Ticket Info tabs.
  • The highlights will also be shown in the table view of the Tickets.
Ability to Filter Inappropriate Language From the User Responses and Theme Cloud
Apr 2021
  • Redact user comments on finding keywords from a configurable list to prevent exposure of sensitive information customer may have provided.
  • Identify and redact emails and numbers from user comments.
  • Hide themes from Theme widgets on keyword matches. This is useful to remove industry-specific words that are frequent but not insightful.


Ease of Navigation on the Dashboard With Reordering of Spaces
Mar 2021
  • Now quickly reorder all the Spaces based on your preference.
  • Visual indication to quickly identify new Spaces assigned to you.
  • Pinning for Spaces is deprecated as the new capability provides far more flexibility.


Targeted Trend Notification With Filters In Trigger Conditions
Mar 2021
  • Look beyond overall trend notification of your metric by applying segments to conditions.
  • Create very targeted trend alerts for specific accounts, regions, themes, etc. and alert respective stakeholders.


Reclassification of Themes and Sentiment
Feb 2021
  • Now improve the accuracy of deep-learn models by manually reclassifying Themes and Sentiment.
  • This also updates the Themes and Sentiment which could have been classified with low confidence.


QB Usability Enhancement to Allow Easy Management Of Questionnaires
Feb 2021
  • Insert a question anywhere in the questionnaire without the need for tedious drag and drop.
  • Guardrails to prevent human error by exposing dependency and usage in conditional text, display logic, etc.


Post Call Survey IVR for Cisco Webex Contact Center
Feb 2021
  • Collect customer feedback using a channel of choice after their interaction with an agent.
  • IVR feedback collection will happen in continuation of the call with the agent allowing customers to provide feedback in the context of the recent conversation.
  • These insights will be available for agents as CEA gadgets in Webex Contact Center.


Flat Table & Crosstab Enhancements
Jan 2021
  • Ability to publish Flat tables & Crosstab with a filter for top or bottom ‘n’ rows on any sorted column.
  • Now, sorting will be available in Crosstab by any column with rows split by a single attribute
  • Overall score on Flat table and reports
  • UX improvements with frozen column and handling of longer question display names


Experience Management Gadgets for Cisco Webex Contact Center
Dec 2020
  • Integrate Customer Experience Journey (CEJ) gadget across all channels including Voice, Email, and Chat conversations by an agent.
  • Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) gadget will allow agents to view relevant metrics using customer feedback about them.
  • Quick and easy way to export these gadgets from Experience Management into Webex Contact Center.


Post Call Survey via SMS and Email for Cisco Webex Contact Center
Dec 2020
  • Collect customer feedback using a channel of choice after their interaction with an agent.
  • SMS and Email allow rich feedback collection using multiple rating and open text questions. This will enable deeper text analytics and predictive insights within Experience Management for the collected feedback.
  • These insights will be available for agents as CEA gadgets in Webex Contact Center.


User Management and Access Rights for R/W Users
Dec 2020
  • Read/Write users can now create spaces in their account and share it with other Experience Management users in their organization by assigning it to users. In case users are restricted to manage only their department, they will be able to assign these spaces to users within their department.
  • Now, read/write users can be restricted to view, create, and manage users only from their department.
  • New questionnaires and questions created by read/write users will now be automatically available for other users of the same role/department in case questionnaire or question restrictions are applied for their role or department. This is to ensure that users continue to have access to changes made by then in a questionnaire.
Usability Enhancements to Roles & Department to Include Access Control Summary
Dec 2020
  • Access detailed summary of product sections, data access, and all other restrictions applicable to a user based on their assigned role and department. This helps admins creating and managing these users to confidently assign roles and departments while making sure that the required restrictions are in place in real-time.
Out of the Box Reporting Capabilities for New Invitations
Nov 2020
  • Generate reports that help analyze overall metrics and aggregates like response rates and completion rates.
  • Analyze these overall metrics and aggregates sliced by channels, dispatches, message templates, months, and many more data points to help understand customer response behavior from multiple viewpoints.
  • Detailed logs that offer flexibility to conduct any additional analysis using pivot tables in Excel.
Enhancements to Scheduled Reports
Nov 2020
  • Receive month-to-date reports on any date of the month as set up in the schedule.
  • Now define the period of data to be included in reports in days for weekly, monthly & quarterly reports. This offers great flexibility in scheduling reports to include data from very specific dates of a week, month, or quarter.
  • Test and send the report to self while scheduling them to test the settings, data in the reports, and delivery channel. Additionally, get a clear summary of the actual schedule and when the next report will be delivered.
Ease of Applying Filter on Open Text Single Line Questions
Nov 2020
  • Apply filters quickly for single line questions in spaces by selecting from a drop-down of relevant suggestions. Users can find matching responses for single line questions, by narrowing down suggestions as they type. This enables the discovery of responses and eliminates the guesswork.
  • The suggestions for responses appear also in case it contains the entered text. This is especially useful for filtering out responses containing a specific text or words.
Change AND/OR Logic for Combined Operations in Notifications and QB
Nov 2020
  • Built completely from the ground up, you can now create complex conditions with AND / OR logic that align better with the user’s intent and allows the creation of conditions with multiple segments.
  • Quickly test the conditions on past responses while setting it up to make sure the desired results are being achieved with the set conditions.
  • Manage and iterate on the set conditions easily over time with the ability to quickly add or remove conditions anywhere in between. Additionally, pause and resume notifications at any time allowing making changes stress free for users.
  • Duplicate an existing notification or edit one and save it as a new notification.
  • The new module to set conditions is available for questionnaire builder Display Logic and Conditional Text features.
Support for Paginated Surveys With Easy Scroll of Questions
Nov 2020
  • Now, don’t be limited by 1 question per page surveys. Experience the flexibility to define multiple pages with multiple questions per page
  • Group related questions together to increase completion rates eg.. Name, email and phone number, etc.. Similarly, have multiple related rating questions in a single page
  • Reduce the time in filling the survey with easy scroll between the questions rather than relying on auto or click based progression
New and Full-Featured Micro Survey Powered by Our Battle-Tested Websurvey
Oct 2020
  • We are rebuilding our micro-survey, powered by our battle tested and popular web survey channel.  Our web survey is already designed to be responsive, and handles large desktop and mobile layouts with ease, offering an experience tuned for the form factor. This will now power the experience as an intercept on websites. This will also close all the parity gaps and leverage the capabilities of web survey such as piping logic, visual design, conditional logic and text, etc. More details coming soon on this.
Independent Variable Selection for Analytics Widgets
Oct 2020
  • Narrow down the analysis of Path & Predictive, Impact Analysis, Goal recommendation by defining the independent variables in play
  • Create Analytics Group- a group of rating questions which would be the independent variables to run an analysis
  • Use statistical module to explore the nature of variables by using various tools like correlation & SEM and create the Analytics Group
Bringing Additional Controls on ‘Bulk Tokens’ to Eliminate Manual Effort
Oct 2020
  • Set extended token attributes while creating bulk tokens such as language, social sharing, skip welcome, and partial submission.
  • Download questionnaire level sample CSV.
  • In-line validation of uploaded files to allow users to fix errors before proceeding to create tokens.
Collaborate to Deliver Great Experience via Real-Time Notifications in Webex Teams
Sep 2020
  • The best way to address experience gaps is to respond in real-time before your customer takes to social media or other mediums. Experience Management’s real-time notification alerts will be integrated with Webex Teams, enabling you to get notified in a teams space of your choice.
  • Setup as many rule-based alerts as you’d like for channels across the entire journey, to ensure you’ve got customers fully covered.
  • Huddle your frontline on Webex Teams and close the loop with customers.
  • Collaborate using Webex teams for NPS Outer Loop, identifying systemic improvements needed across different businesses and functions, and driving strategic change.
DIY Usability Enhancements
Sep 2020
  • Added prompts about usage of questions or answer options across display logic, conditional texts, and notifications.
  • Manage user deletion by re-assigning existing tickets and ticket rules to any other existing user.
Concurrency Handling for Questionnaire Builder With Presence Infra
Sep 2020
  • The user will be notified about another user’s presence on the current questionnaire.
  • The user will be notified about another user’s presence on a different questionnaire, who’s questions are cloned into the current questionnaire.
  • The user will receive an update once another concurrent user saves a change.
  • Clicking on save, users will be warned if there are concurrent users and the impact that it can cause.
  • The user will be warned when he tries to open a questionnaire that is being already edited by another user/users.
Time Widget Creation in Global Metric Library
Aug 2020
  • Ease of creation of trend and time aggregate widgets with a dedicated workflow in the Global Metric Library.
  • Ability to set up rolling periods easily while creating the widgets.
  • All existing trend widgets will now display the rolling time range they are set up with.
Updated Upload Responses
Aug 2020
  • A new workflow for CX admins allowing users to create new responses in Experience Management by uploading the data in an Excel file.
  • Ability to set a time zone offset for the data being uploaded to ensure responses are created with the correct date and time stamp.
  • Detailed status post-processing sent via email includes an attachment with details for reasons for failure if any.
N-Gram Analysis to Model Open Text Themes for Deep Learn Training
Aug 2020
  • N-gram models are extremely effective in modeling language data.
  • Users can view N-Grams of the “User Comments” question. Along with a count-sensitive visual representation of the results. Users will have the option to chose between bigram, trigram, or quadrograms and also exclude certain words from the analysis. This has been added to the Research Module within Spaces and can be accessed under the Statistical Analysis tab.
DIY Usability Enhancements in Questionnaire Builder
Aug 2020
  • Usability enhancements in questionnaire builder with added guardrails in place to prevent users from using unsupported characters in Question Text, Group Title, and Answer Options.
Omni-Channel CEJ Gadget for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
Jul 2020
  • Ability to view Customer Experience Journey across all channels including Voice, Email, and Chat conversations by an agent.
  • CEJ gadget will auto-update to display customer journey based on the conversation agent is currently engaged in.
Post Chat Web Surveys for Cisco Contact Center Enterprise
Jul 2020
  • Go beyond voice to listen to your contact center customers omni-channel across their entire journey with you.
  • Insert post-chat web survey feedback to understand how customers interacting through chat felt about the interaction, their overall impression about your brand, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Collected feedback becomes available automatically in the Agent Desktop so that in case of future interactions, your agents can deliver a contextual, personalized experience.
Post Email Signature Surveys for Cisco Contact Center Enterprise
Jul 2020
  • Go beyond voice to listen to your contact center customers omni-channel across their entire journey with you.
  • Insert a survey link to email interactions with your contact center to understand how customers felt about the interaction, their overall impression about your brand, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Collected feedback becomes available automatically in the Agent Desktop so that in case of future interactions, your agents can deliver a contextual, personalized experience.
'View Dashboard As’ to Enable Easier Admin Management of Large Number of Spaces
Jul 2020
  • Minimize configuration errors with validation and troubleshooting. An admin or a read-write user can set up a new user profile with all required configurations and then validate them using the “View As User” feature. This allows the admin to see the different spaces and dashboards as it would appear to the user when they log into their account.
Auto Height Adjustment for Widgets
Jul 2020
  • Now widgets added to spaces will automatically adjust the height based on data density and chart type. This ensures that the widgets are easy to view and enhances data legibility across desktop and mobile.

  • Users no longer need to configure height for widgets while creating them. Widget height is automatically determined based on the chart and visualization type. Users can choose to override this and define a preferred height if they want to.

Restore Space Filters
Jul 2020
  • Users can restore Space filters to their original state as published by the Space creator. This feature is available only for syndicated spaces assigned to users.
  • This allows the users to apply filters to syndicated spaces without worrying about losing the original state of Space as it was intended by the creator to be viewed.
New Invitation Management For Omni-Channel Invitation Workflows at Scale
Jun 2020
  • Global delivery invitation management enables a personalized experience for receiving survey invitations across various channels on the journey using workflows that can be configured and reused across chosen transmission channels like SMS/Email/Mobile/Web while requiring no PII information in the Webex Experience Management platform.
Post-Call Surveys Using Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP)
May 2020
  • Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP) combines open-standards support for speech with intelligent application development and industry-leading call control to deliver personalized self-service to callers. Use either as a standalone interactive-voice-response (IVR) system or transparently integrate with a contact center.

  • Experience Management will integrate with CVP, enabling you to setup IVR call scripts that provide a personalized experience at scale, and collecting customer experience feedback that shows up real-time in your Agent Desktop and Experience Management Dashboard.

Post-Call SMS/Email Surveys for Cisco Contact Center Portfolio
May 2020
  • Setup delivery dispatch of post-call SMS or Email surveys from Cisco Contact Center Enterprise and Cisco Contact Center Express.
  • Beyond IVR, this gives customers the choice of the channel through which they can interact with you, and provide more insightful, actionable feedback.
  • Collected feedback becomes available automatically in the Agent Desktop so that in case of future interactions, your agents can deliver a contextual, personalized experience.
Manage Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for Privacy Control
May 2020
  • Identify and tag PII data in questionnaire to define how to treat the data.
  • Ability to hash, mask PII data to ensure this is not visible to users of Experience Management.
  • Make an informed decision to bring PII data into Experience Management to allow users to view and act on responses. Please note that PII data is not required to be saved in Experience Management for any functionality.
  • Hashing or Masking of PII data does not compromise any functionality in Experience Management.
  • Allow temporary, time based access to PII data to individual users for support troubleshooting.
Experience Management: Understand Work From Home Experience During COVID19
Apr 2020

With a vast majority of the working population confined to their homes, both organizations and employees are attempting to adapt to “work from home” as their new normal. In this context, it is important for organizations to continually understand the pulse of their employees, and to provide them with a “voice” to express their opinion on the challenges they are facing while working from home (WFH), so that companies can rapidly evolve their approach to making WFH succeed for all their employees.

The Webex Experience Management COVID-19 solution helps organizations to provide employees with a seamless platform to provide their experience of working from home and offers decision-makers with a real time dashboard to identify insights around this experience and act accordingly.

The solution provides all subscribers with:

  • Free access to Webex XM for 45 days
  • A pre-configured survey link to collect anonymized, relevant feedback from their employees around their WFH experience
  • Access to real-time dashboards for 5 users in the organization, with outputs configured to provide the best insights
  • A webinar at the end of 45 days to explore the overall trends and patterns from WFH, and to answer specific Q&A’s around the insights generated by the different surveys
Announcing Cisco Webex Experience Management
Mar 2020

On October 11, 2019, Cisco completed the acquisition of Webex Experience Management. We are now Cisco Webex Experience Management!

Integration with Cisco Contact Center Enterprise and Cisco Contact Center Express

Webex Experience Management is now integrated into the Cisco agent desktop, providing agents and supervisors with customer sentiment, journey insights, and feedback metrics in real-time

  • Once feedback is captured, agents have the ability to view customer feedback scores within their agent desktop
  • New Customer Experience Journey gadget gives agents real-time visibility into customer sentiment and past journey experiences so they can truly understand how the customer is feeling and be able to personalize their interaction with the customer.
  • New Customer Experience Analytics gadget displays the overall pulse of customer feedback through industry-standard metrics, such as NPS, CSAT, and CES.
  • Available with release 12.5 of Cisco Contact Center Enterprise and Cisco Contact Center Express

Dashboard adopts world class Cisco Webex design

  • Now that we are a part of Cisco Webex family of products, you’ll see a few minor updates to our product icon, copy and brand colors.
  • Over time, you’ll see more updates that bring you best practices from Cisco’s world class design system, improving usability and experience with our product.
Enterprise settings gets new admin productivity capabilities
Jan 2020
  • Setting up account for an organization needs to take care of various aspects. Setting up organization structure with users, roles and departments is a key aspect. With large organizations with multiple level of hierarchy and large number of users, if can be a pain-point to do all these manually.
  • This feature takes away one-by-one manual aspect of it and allows to manage everything as bulk operations. This is not just only for the initial setup, but as organization evolves over time, maintenance is a breeze with these bulk management capabilities.
  • This includes creating users, assigning roles and departments, setting up a large number of roles and departments, setting up permission and data access and a lot more.
Incremental updates to reporting capabilities
Nov 2019
  • Reports V2: Setup Scheduling of report with incremental enhancements like filters in glossary
  • Flat table available in excel table
  • Excel report revamp with scheduling
  • PPT report for Spaces (Released as an Experimental feature)
Randomize options in Survey
Sep 2019
Show random selected number of options for Multiple Choice questions. Feature available in Survey - (New & Fallback). It helps configure questions like - “Select the top 3 options from the list”
User Management bulk capabilities
Aug 2019
  • A user can be created with the following details which will solve the security issue we were facing with our previous work flow.

    • Roles & Permission User Type Data Restriction Dashboard Preference
  • The following bulk operations can be performed on the selected users

    • Set Role Set Department Set Reports To Set User(s) Time Zone Set Data Precision Settings Resend Activation Links Delete User(s)
    • Other Bulk settings to change location, zone, touchpoint, questionnaire, question and spaces.
  • Other Bulk Settings to the selected users

    • Add to existing will allow you to build on to the existing set of settings.
    • Replace existing will allow you to overwrite the existing set of settings with the selected ones.
    • Remove existing will allow you to clear the selected settings from the existing ones.
Timezone for Users
July 2019
  • Now, dashboard allows a user to configure his own working timezone. Its available under profile settings. It can be different from his enterprise timezone. A user traveling to configuring an account from a different timezone would benefit from this change. He gets to see the data adjusted to his timezone. He can now schedule invites and reports without worrying about timezone.
  • Dashboard can now detect the change in timezone and will ask for reconciliation from the user. Compares device timezone with configured timezone to alert the user.
Channel Performance Metric
July 2019
Track monthly changes in key channel metrics like Response rates, completion rates, Invitations sent, responses received Track reminder efficiency by viewing channel metrics by different follow-up reminders sent to optimize the reminder program.
All new Scheduled Reports
July 2019
  • Who will receive the reports? - The email configured for the account which you have scheduled a report. optionally you can add additional recipients.
  • Types of schedule - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly.
  • Types of Reports - Space Report (Excel), Space Report (PDF), Space Report (PPT), Response Report (Excel), Response Raw Data (Excel)
  • What’s new in reports?
    • The time range used in scheduled reports, if you have scheduled a daily report for last 4 days the time range used is start of the 1st day to eod/midnight of the 4th day.
    • Summary at the last sheet of the Excel and last page of PDF.
    • Summary in excel includes the date range, details of filter, No. of responses, No.of complete responses, No. of partial responses.
    • Summary in PDF includes details of filter and date range on every page. Response report comes with no questions Id’s and it’s more readable.
    • Response raw report, non-question Id headers are moved to seconds row.
  • Direct Download Vs Scheduled Report:
    • Direct Download / Adhoc Reports works off the user’s timezone, when you download a report directly you will be receiving the report with your timezone. - The scheduled report works off with the Enterprise timezone which is configured under Account Settings –> Dashboard.
Loop Closure Reporting Capabilities
July 2019
  • The new ‘Ticket Summary’ shows relevant metrics based on different personas. An agent would be able to see the aggregate metrics such as Number Of Tickets Assigned, Average Resolution Time, SLA Missed For Tickets, Tickets By Status / Tickets by action / Tickets by Priority for him.
  • For a department admin, he would be able to see these metrics by agents in his department and also at overall department level
  • For the super admin, the report would show metric at account level, department level and also agent level.
  • This can be downloaded as Excel report from ticketing module.
Full Multi-lingual support for Websurvey
June 2019
Websurvey can now be fully translated to configured languages. No effort is required from admin to provide translations for stock words. This allows even the static texts like ‘Start’, ‘Submit’, Legends for metric questions, etc.. to be shown in selected language. Translations are available on Websurvey and Fallback.
All new Responses and Loop Closure Module
June 2019

We have redesigned our responses and loop closure greatly enhancing the user experience so that agents can efficiently navigate, search and act upon tickets. The modules are redesigned with a modern user experience which provides the flexibility to view tickets tabular view for quickly acting on large number of tickets as well as card view which surfaces critical information without getting into individual tickets. The new loop-closure is metric agnostic and will show all CX metric available in the responses.

  • All new split inbox layout with cards with ability to switch to the legacy table view Support for all CX metrics displayed with visual indicators (colored smileys) on cards
  • Consistent layouts across Responses and Loop Closure for ease of use and learnability
  • Access pinned questions on the card under Pinned Fileds. Ability to expand and collapse all cards for quick actions on tickets without the need to go into each ticket
  • Action panel for quick actions on the ticket like change action, status, re-assignment and adding notes
  • Timeline view that showcases all actions taken on the response in a single timeline
  • Quick filter for viewing tickets by priority, status or action with an expanded view for all filters Categorized and de-cluttered view of response data for ease of readability
  • Ticket ID available in ticket info for ease of sharing Ticket priority is a new addition to allow users to look into tickets based on priority
  • Setup ticket followers to keep key stakeholders across organization updated
  • Now you can see all past responses from customers from within loop closure, allowing users to build deeper context of the issues the customers are facing
  • View responses with the similar themes (derived from text analytics) to understand what other customers are saying about the same issue to identify larger, organization wide issues
  • Some other minor enhancements:
    • Count of number of notes added on the card
      • Icon indicating view only tickets for users based on their access rights
      • Status, Priority and User/Department can now be seen and changed from the card directly
      • “Due In” and “Overdue By” tags visible on the card and ticket header
Loop Closure on Android and iOS
June 2019
View the new Response, apply ticket filters and close the loop on the move with ticketing on mobile
Access insights on the go with our updated Insights Center app
Jun 2019

Now access insights on the go with our new Insights Center Mobile App. The new app is designed to align better with our recent update of the Insights Center and brings the same experience to mobile.

The mobile-friendly navigation menus help easily browse through spaces and set date filters. For frequent users, it will be easier to check pulse, monitor trends and compare journeys on daily basis.

  • Updated mobile app to match the recent major release
  • Viewing key dashboard metrics and access insights on the go
  • The older mobile app is deprecated, and will be retired by October 2019

Download Preview App

Generate test responses for easier dashboard widget setup
May 2019

Generate test responses for your questionnaires to enable creation of widgets and visualize the data. This helps understand decision making in the future using spaces and metric groups once actual responses are collected from customers, and share early versions of your carefully curated dashboard for feedback from key stakeholders.

You can used the advanced options to skew the test data towards certain ends of the spectrum to see how this impacts model fit or your visualizations.

You can try this out anytime on your account, and delete these test responses at any point of time.

Flat Tables - Extensions to CrossTabs for richer analysis
May 2019
  • Improved cross tabulation support for analyzing multiple columns with different attributes side by side
  • Ability to apply a heat map at a column level with significance levels and p-value indicators
  • Ability to apply sort orders on columns of choice
  • Ability to apply exclusion column and row level filters
  • Publish as a widget, similar to other crosstab widgets to Spaces
  • Enterprise roles and permissions apply based on hierarchy access
Expanded support for drilldowns on dashboard widgets
Apr 2019

In the past, widgets in Response Analysis supported the ability to drill down. This has been extended to all Dashboard widgets. They interactively support the ability to either apply filters or to view responses associated with areas of interest.

If you’ve applied filters and want to clear them, just use your regular filter panel or the quick filters that appear in the navigation bar.

Questionnaire Scoring and Intelligent Recommendations
Apr 2019
Easier testing of questionnaires that contain pre-fill meta data from integrations
April 2019

Now test your questionnaires with pre-fills much more easily without having to create tokens for each combination.

This reduces the time needed to verify various flows of your questionnaire by mocking different meta data that may be received from various systems that you integrate with.

Support for custom welcome and thank you pages in the web survey channel
Mar 2019

Now, start your websurvey from any custom made welcome page and redirect to our survey on start. This will work similar to embed but you will be able to pass the language selected too. This will force the survey to load in selected language with first question.

Survey after submission can now redirect to any page. This can be it a social site where you are looking to drive testimonials. Or a custom built thank you page, for instance with a video message from your CEO. You will also be able to leverage answers by using piping in the redirect URL, giving your developers full freedom to personalize the pages.

Improvements to SSO and SAML Login Workflows
Mar 2019

Simpler integration with SSO is now available so you can login via your organization’s SSO setup directly from the Webex Experience Management login page.

In addition to SSO, you can now set up SAML based login to Webex Experience Management.

SAML is a standard for logging users into applications based on their sessions in another context. This single sign-on (SSO) login standard has significant advantages over logging in using a username/password:

  • No need to type in credentials

  • No need to remember and renew passwords

  • No weak passwords

Most organizations already know the identity of users because they are logged in to their Active Directory. It makes sense to use this information to log users in to Webex Experience Management. To configure SAML, an admin will have to provide SAML Endpoint and SAML Certificate in ‘Edit profile’

New cross-channel survey invitation management with delivery plans
Feb 2019
  • Improved cross-channel invitation management across entire journey
  • Redesigned D-I-Y experience with an improved step by step flow for self serve users
  • Improved performance and scalability of architecture, capable of handling millions of invitations using CLI dispatcher and multiple Azure queues
  • Improved channel operational metrics to track response rates, channel efficiency, and test out different invitation campaigns

Extending our Invitations module, we are launching a stand-alone tool(CLI) to send out invitations. This tool is suitable for enterprises where a large number of invitations need to be sent out. It can be fully managed by the enterprise where they can scale depending on the volume of invites being sent. For enterprises sensitive about data, this tool can be managed as an on-prem solution. CLI will come with features like throttling and reminders.

Brand new PDF Reports with a clean design
Feb 2019

We have a fresh approach to our reporting capabilities. The new PDF reports are designed to mirror the space, replicating all the widget charts and laid out as metric groups. So, your experience of viewing insights on the product matches the reports. The new reports support both canned and composite widgets such as word cloud, theme cloud, theme river, sentiment, trends and segments. These reports can be downloaded quickly on demand as sampled reports or can be scheduled as high precision reports.

  • New reporting module to parity with the recent major release
  • PDF reports whose charts will match what you see in the Spaces
  • Scheduled reports that always run in High Precision mode
  • Excel reports for tabular data for all the charts in the Space for further analysis and manipulation
Ready integration with Marketo for campaign optimization
Feb 2019
Intelligent Webex Experience Management Segments Better Marketo Campaigns
RA-Marketo.jpg Marketo-Campaign.jpg

Our ready integration between Webex Experience Management and Marketo enables you to leverage the power of CEM and Marketing Automation together. Powerful features include:

  • Easy creation of customer cohorts in Marketo as dynamic lists based on experiential characteristics, driving smarter, optimized campaigns
  • Personalization of marketing campaigns in Marketo driving 1:1 engagement with customers based on CX data
  • Run promotional campaigns based on experiential characteristics that have higher propensity to drive purchases
  • Run win back campaigns targeting customers who may have had a bad experience later once you have driven improvements and addressed gaps in their journey
  • Trigger Webex Experience Management surveys based on engagement in the customer journey mapped in Marketo via additional integrations
  • Identify segments of interest in Webex Experience Management and link them to Marketo campaigns to identify demand loss, non-purchase, and drop offs to improve conversions
  • Analyze and improve ROI of your marketing campaigns by improved targeting
Our Freshdesk app now supports the new Mint design
Jan 2019

We’ve updated the Webex Experience Management app on Freshdesk to support their lovely fresh Mint design.


With this integration, get your CEM platform to work with your Freshdesk ticketing for grievance redressal based on customer feedback raised as tickets, close the loop & update data on your CEM Webex Experience Management platform with ticket status & more. The app will allow you to:

  1. Set up notifications in the Webex Experience Management platform and create tickets in Freshdesk.
  2. Freshdesk ticket information would be updated in the Webex Experience Management response automatically to understand what steps have been taken to close the loop with the customer.
  3. Agents/Admins can see information about the experience the customer has had based on which the ticket has been created.

The integration provides agent with enough context to proactively understand the customer’s concerns and reach out with the right solution to not just satisfy the customer, but delight them!

New Insights Center Dashboard (Live)
Dec 2018

The New Major Release is out of preview and live.

Here’s some feedback from some of our customers.

“This is a major upgrade and a significant step forward. We’d love to present this to our executives.”

“Love the easier navigation, and the ability to track outcomes cleanly. Can’t wait to get this in everyone’s hands!”

If you are an administrator, visit our evolving CX Setup Guide video library to learn more about taking advantage of several of the new features.

New Insights Center Dashboard (Early Preview)
Nov 2018

Learn more about our New Major Release and ensure your organization is prepared for the new features and updates. The release goes into Early Preview first week of November and goes live the first week of December.

  • Completely redesigned dashboard experience
  • Powerful new features to create flexible dashboards with custom widgets
  • Improved filters for easy access to common drill down actions
Research Core Module for Statistical Analysis
Sep 2018

For the curious CEM data analyst or data scientist seeking to mine deeper insights from customer data, our Research module offers a swiss army knife of tools.

Every statistical analysis starts with a good clean data set. While it may sound easy, in reality organizing the data takes several days to ensure it is correctly sampled, clean, and valid for analysis. Webex Experience Management handles all of this automatically, letting CX data analysts work on the implementation of their statistical model instead of the plumbing. They can consume this data in R or other tools to build, test and validate further models.

Research tools include CrossTabs, Correlation, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Significance T-tests, Path Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling. In addition, Decision Trees, Random Forest, K-Means Clustering, and Confirmatory Factor Analysis are possible with our R SDK.

Know More »

Remove customer PII information automatically from Webex Experience Management
Sep 2018

PII information isn’t essential for a CEM program to be successful since insights are focused on aggregates, not individual users. However, closed loop is an important part of improving experience, and collecting PII helps front line employee ensure issues are responded to in real time.

We’ve added a brand new feature that lets you remove PII from Webex Experience Management automatically after an admin configurable number of days. This reduces potential risks around PII security in case you are yet to take advantage of our industry leading BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) security features.

Improved visualization of the customer journey
Sep 2018

We’ve worked on making it easier for you to take a quick glance at your customer journey and understand where you need to take action.

MacDown Screenshot

The curve plotted helps you quickly visualize the high points and low points of the journey of your customers. In this journey, Account Opening is the stage where customers are the most unhappy.

This works great with both macro and micro journeys, letting you start with an overall lifecycle and then drill down into specific journeys like users on your website or mobile app.

Quicker insights with Fast Processing mode and Map-Reduce
Aug 2018

Faster À la carte loading

Webex Experience Management performs all your analytics real-time so that the insights you gain are always current, and consistent with anyone else looking at the data. Earlier our dashboard used to compute all analytics, irrespective of what widgets were enabled. This was much like going into a restaurant and waiting for the chef to make all the dishes before you got what you chose. We’ve shifted to “à la carte” loading, which requests individual widgets based on what you are viewing. With this, you will see widgets loading 2x faster.

Faster big data crunching using Map-Reduce

Map-reduce is a high performance cloud computing technology that enables large scale processing of millions of records real-time. This is now available in our product, and is being rolled out to customers in batches.

Fast Processing via robust sampling

One of the steps towards improvements in load and processing time is an option to choose between Fast Processing and High Precision. Fast Processing uses a mathematically robust technique called sampling to deliver aggregated results at the same accuracy as High Precision. Fast Processing is never applied to anything scheduled, or to analysis that needs to be run across the entire data set such as loop closure. Users may choose anytime to DIY switch from High Precision mode to Fast processing mode. Know More »

Ready examples of how to use our web intercept microsurvey
Aug 2018

There’s several different things your web developers can do using our microsurvey to ask very contextual questions based on the journey of your customers on yoru website. To make it easier for the developers to come in, look at examples and find snippets of code they can copy paste, we’ve put together a “Kitchen Sink” application. Hand it over to your web developer team and see they surprise you with. Know More »

In addition, we’ve also added more options to make it easier to configure your microsurvey. We have a new configuration module available under Measure » Microsurvey.

Run our websurvey with your own domain visible in the URL
Aug 2018

If you’d like to run our websurvey with your own domain visible in the URL so that your consumers see your brand, we now have an easy option available that lets you host it in an iFrame through a light weight web page on your own managed domain.

It typically requires less than an hour of IT work at your end to get this set up, and minimal ongoing maintenance since the actual delivery of the web survey continues to be powered by our global high availability PaaS platform.

Certain security considerations apply with domain hosted surveys, and we suggest checking with the Webex Experience Management team to see if your enterprise policy finds the option suitable.