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Early Preview

Early Preview includes new features and enhancements that are actively being worked on and lined up to go live across all customers in the next 3-4 weeks.

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Last Updated on Jan 24, 2022

Fresh From Our Kitchen

Check out what’s new from our kitchen, and help shape our product and foster ongoing innovation with your feedback and ideas!

More Depth to Post Call IVR Surveys
Webex CC
  • Multi-lingual Post Call IVR surveys to honor language preference of the contact dialing in.
  • Welcome and Thank You note to be played from questionnaire configuration


What’s Coming Up?

We are always working to bring to you new features, enhancements and fixing things. Based on the 5 competencies we as Webex are focusing on, we organize our efforts and features around these themes listed below.

Listen - Gather and create rich customer profiles

Engage - Connect with customers how, when, and where they want

Augment - Leverage AI and collaboration to create super agents

Learn - Use insights to predict and optimize customer experiences

Adapt - Automate customer journey with no or low code

Here’s a few things coming soon, grouped into Near Term (< 3 months) and Mid Term (3-9 months).

Near Term (< 3 months)

All of the features are committed roadmap items that are in various stages of our dual-track discovery and agile product development cycle.


SSO Login Enahnacements
Webex XM
  • Ability to restrict login methods to SSO, user credentials, or both based on the organization guidelines and individual user level preferences. For example, If “SSO Only” is enabled in the enterprise security settings, the users will not be able to log in using email and password.
  • API keys are important for third-party integrations to work seamlessly. To ensure this functionality and prevent integrations from breaking when “SSO Only” is enabled, these API keys which used to break will now continue to work.
  • Allowing a hybrid setup for individual users in user management to permit login using credentials or SSO or both, even if “SSO Only” is enabled for the account in enterprise settings.
SSO Login In Insights Center Mobile App
Webex XM
  • Allow Insights Center mobile app users to login into the app using SSO.
  • This will allow those customers and organizations that enforce SSO-based login for security purposes to be able to use the Webex XM mobile app to access the CX dashboards on the move.
Audit Trials In Activity Logs For Data Downloaded By Users
Webex XM
  • Additional details in user activity logs whenever a user downloads responses that may include customer PII data.
  • This additional log data will include a user name, questionnaire name, file type, date range, filters applied, etc.
Language Support And Other Enhancements For Custom Anchor Metric
Webex XM
  • Allow language support for legends set up in a Custom Anchor Metric to ensure when users select a preferred language in websurvey, the legends set up for the custom anchor metric also shows the translated text as configured in the questionnaire builder.
  • Allow CX admin to enable custom anchor metric aggregate scores to be displayed with up to 2 decimal places for a more accurate display of aggregate scores across widgets, reports, and downloads.
  • Add additional visual options for Custom Anchor Metric to display 2 or 3 smileys along the scale to help customers give feedback with additional visual cues to understand the scale better.
Personalize Thank You Message Using Response Values
Webex XM
  • Pull values from customer response from the survey and use them to customize and personalize the thank you note.
  • For eg: if the customer selects “Online Banking” as an option to a multiple answer question, the value can be used to customize the thank you note at the end of the survey to say “Thank you for sharing feedback about your experience with Online Banking
Customer Journey To Support Custom Anchor Metric
Webex XM
  • Customer journey view provides a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey across stages and touchpoints. Accounts using Custom Anchor Metric in their CX program will now be able to view the customer journey using Custom Anchor Metric as the key metric across stages and touchpoints.
Computation Of Top And Bottom 'n' Boxes For Widget Creation.
Webex XM
  • Ability to pick and choose different numbers of top and bottom ‘n’ boxes to compute scores for key metrics used in a CX program by any organization.
Added Visual Cues To Help Agents Identify Ticket's Pending Action
Webex XM
  • Ability to assign a visual icon to all the configured ticket actions under ticket settings.
  • The icons function as a visual cue on the ticket cards allowing agents to quickly identify tickets based on set pending actions for them.
  • For eg: a ticket creation notification rule can set the default action for a ticket to “New” and as per the configured visual icon “blue dot” for this action, a blue dot will appear on the ticket card, helping the agents quickly identify new tickets that have been assigned to them.
Team Performance Summary Widgets For Department Admins
Webex XM
  • A summary table of key agent performance metrics showing agent-wise metrics will be available for department admins.
  • A department admin will be able to view performance metrics only for agents from their department.
Questionnaire Preview For Read-Only Users
Webex XM
  • Read-only users who do have access to questionnaire builder and questionnaire will be able to review the questionnaires using the question listing view and preview the questionnaire (including ‘Preview with Prefills’) allowing them to test the survey and order of questions.

Mid Term (3-9 months)

Roadmap items where there is commitment to the problem statement, but active R&D exploration is still in progress. This is a soft commitment to product feature launches, subject to new market learnings.


Actionables: Detect Decreasing Performance Patterns Due To Burnout
Webex CC
  • Professional efficacy is a key attribute indicating burnout. With agents going through burnout, often the performance starts going down. This can be actively tracked and monitored in conjunction with other factors such as cynism to indicate burnout.
  • This actionable takes call handling data, feedback data, and WFO data points to create a model which predicts agents who are likely going through burnout based on degrading performance.
Actionables: Detect Behavioural Changes On Call Indicating Burnout
Webex CC
  • This Actionable considers the behavioral aspects of an agent going through a burnout phase - exhaustion and feelings of cynicism. This is often reflected in the conversations with customers as irate, cynical, and angry emotions.
  • With our speech analysis engine, we are able to create alerts when such characteristics are found in the conversations and automated actions are triggered such as - taking agents off the call and schedule 15 mins break.
Actionables: Flag Inadequately Trained Agents
Webex CC
  • It is well understood that the contact center environment plays a key role in agent burnout. Often stressors over a sustained period of time lead to agent burnout and start reflecting as symptoms such as degrading performance. This Actionable lets the contact center be proactive about the detection of these stressors and prevent burnouts.
  • Inadequately trained agents are the root cause of most burnouts. With access to call themes, sentiment, call handling data, and training data, we flag agents who are inadequately trained in specific types of calls and prescribe actions to supervisors to arrange for such training.
Actionables: Detect Skewed Workload Stressing High Performers
Webex CC
  • Take actions to protect high performers from burnout by ensuring uniform distribution of workload across agent pools. Often workloads are skewed towards high performers creating stress and burnout.
  • This Actionable detects the skews and prescribes actions for supervisors to redistribute workload.
Actionables: Monotonous Call Patterns
Webex CC
  • This Actionable detects monotonous call patterns which is a key stressor in contact centers.
  • The Actionable prescribes actions for supervisors to review routing rules to ensure that they are not leading to monotonous call patterns and burnout for the agents.


Ask Contextual Questions In IMI Connect Using Webex XM
IMI Mobile
  • Ask contextual questions at interaction points of the journey, delivered via preferred channels.
  • Contextual consumer insights to drive business decisions without survey fatigue.
Deliver Surveys Via Chosen Channels Of Preference
IMI Mobile
  • Dispatch surveys via readily integrated communication channels
Orchestration Action At Journey Interaction Points
IMI Mobile
  • Use real-time journey insights to drive decisioning at interaction points of the journey, orchestrating action.
  • Automated action to drive business outcomes like call avoidance, cross sell, or promotions.


Roadmap items that are possibly exploratory, subject to market needs, customer inputs, engineering exploration, or radical innovation that need time to assess.


Unified Record Of Customer Data For Personalization
IMI Mobile
  • Unified record of customer data (who, what, when, why) for personalization or aggregate analysis.
  • Provide frontline employees an integrated 360 view of customer interactions.
  • Aggregate analysis of unified record unlocks higher order predictive models.


Proactive Communication Upstream In Customer's Journey
IMI Mobile
  • Use loop closure insights to identify opportunities for proactive communication upstream in the customer’s journey.
  • intercept customers by sending proactive communication upstream in the journey before they face challenges.


Personalized IMI Campaigns
IMI Mobile
  • Personalize and optimize marketing campaigns based on individual consumer behaviors, attitudes and preferences.
  • Reduce marketing spend and increase conversion by reaching the right customer at the right time with the right message.