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Ask Customers Anything

Get actionable answers

Sometimes the easiest way to understand what to do may be to just ask your customers.
Posing a simple question can lead to an actionable answer.

What can we improve? What%20can%20we%20improve.jpeg

What can we improve upon the most? Spaces/InsightScorecard.png

Contrary to the common wisdom that big budgets are needed to improve satisfaction, improving the smallest of things like a more welcoming greeting can lead to a large increase in customer experience, and in turn lead to growth.

Target questions to specific customer groups

Through Webex Experience Management’s real-time platform, your questions can be

… and there are even more possibilities available through our powerful integrations.

We have no limits on the number of questions or questionnaires. In most cases, these can be set up in Webex Experience Management in just a few minutes. In some cases, questions may need more careful review to manage the length of the questionnaire, avoid bias and remove duplication of existing questions. Targeting questions to specific customer groups may need IT involvement.

What questions would you like to ask your customers?

We’d love to help you get answers so that you can make smarter business decisions that keep your customers in mind.

Contact us at or reach out to your Webex Experience Management administrator with questions that you’d like help with.

Example of targeting a specific group

For instance, assume that you want to understand why men in the age group of 25-35 from your Platinum loyalty tier who purchased an education loan product at your Downtown branch did not consider an optional insurance add-on.

The targeting of the groups of customers are these criteria:

This specific group can be targeted with a very specific question like, “Can you tell us more about why you did not consider our optional insurance add-on?”

Get notified about answers

Once your question is added to live questionnaires, you can choose to get notified in real-time as and when customers answer your question. Their answers appear in the Responses section.

From My Notifications, you can choose to set up a rule to be informed specifically about answers to this questions in real-time when your customers answer them.

Once you have enough responses coming in, you can explore and analyze the aggregated data for more powerful actionable insights.