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Compare Journeys

Explore different journeys your customers go through

Not all your customers are the same. Their journeys with you are unique due to differences in the products or services consumed, the touchpoints at which they interact, the demographics they belong to and their own interpretation of the promise of what your brand provides.


Visualizing customer journeys

MacDown Screenshot

The curve plotted helps you quickly visualize the high points and low points of the journey of your customers. In this journey, Account Opening is the stage where customers are the most unhappy.

Segmenting customers by their journey

To investigate how customers of different demographics, geography, touchpoints, channels, loyalty tiers and campaigns may feel about their experience with you, explore the different Segments to identify areas that need improvement.

NPS By Age NPS By Stage
Segment%20by%20Age.png Segment%20by%20Stage.png

For instance, take a look at the examples above. Exploring NPS across different age groups may help point to challenges senior citizens are having with accessing information on your mobile app. In the second example, looking at NPS across different journey stages may reveal that the ongoing relationship stage needs attention.

Identify gaps where their journey breaks down

Here are two more examples that demonstrate NPS sliced by geographical retail location and by loyalty tiers.

NPS By Location NPS By Tier
Segment%20by%20Location.png Segment%20by%20Tier.png

The first chart indicates that the experience of customers at the WA and CA locations need immediate intervention although overall NPS is high. The second chart indicates that Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers are relatively happier, which may be the desired objective of aligning organizational focus towards higher value customers, but potentially a growth limiter if the low value detractors voice their concerns in public and influence higher tiers.

MacDown Screenshot

Segments offer insights and drive actionability that can significantly improve the experience of customers who would otherwise be underserved, while only looking at overall broad averaged scores. Segments are personalized based on the context of data relevant to your department, business line or function so that you can take action based on what matters to you.

Uncover underserved segments of customer journeys

There are several possibilities of granular comparisons. For instance, you can look at Custom Segments that combine different aspects.