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Know the pulse of your customers

We help track the overall pulse of your customers through industry standard metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction(CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES).

Net Promoter Score Customer Effort Score
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When you visit the Metrics section, you can see widgets that let you check at a glance what your overall scores are.

The other key indicator of performance is through metrics that help you regularly check key aspects that matter to your customers to see how you are doing. These can be configured to track aspects relevant to your business.


While it is helpful to look at overall CX scores like NPS, CSAT and CES, these offer a high-level view. In terms of NPS scores, you may be interested in digging deeper than just looking at the broad summary of Passive, Promoter and Detractor. A deeper dive into individual CX metrics like NPS provides a better understanding of the spread of the score, for instance, looking at the NPS Scorecard with the spread across 0-10.


In this example, the key insight that is actionable is that 8.4% of the customers rated you at 8 and are candidates to be made promoters, driving an increase in the NPS. Also, there’s a significant number of customers that have rated you 3.

Compare your current scores with other teams

Delivering great customer experience is team work!

See how your team is performing compared to other teams in your organization. Share and learn from each other to leverage best practices that improve the organization as a whole, and positively impact customers.

NPS By Location NPS By Tier
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Explore and follow Webex Experience Management’s blog for industry best practices, tips and advice.

Get the daily pulse in your Inbox

Don’t miss what your customers are saying even on the go.

Receive a daily report mailed to you with a high-level snapshot of your key metrics. Just click on Schedule Report and choose how frequently you would like to be notified.


Create your own custom views and reports

You can create custom views with preset filters and avoid having to drill down into data each time.


What is Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score® is the “One Question” that you can ask your customers to understand the likelihood of them recommending your brand to friends and family. You can ask this question at different stages of their experience with your brand.

“How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family member?”

This question is answered on an 11-point rating scale where 0 is ‘Not at all Likely’ and 10 is ‘Extremely Likely’.

Typically, the NPS rating question is followed by an open-ended question asking for reasons for a particular NPS rating.

This specific feedback collected in real time can be used to address customer concerns (by calling them back immediately) as well as make structural changes for improvement.

What is Customer Effort Score?

Customer Effort Score (CES) is a type of customer satisfaction survey that measures the ease of an experience with a company on a scale of “Very Difficult” to “Very Easy,”.

How much effort was required to use the product or service today?

The general principle behind CES is that the easiest way to improve customer experience is by making it easier for them to get their job done. It is best to use CES right after a transactional interaction with a product or service that your business provides.

What is CSAT?

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a popular metric measured in different ways.

Overall, how satisfied are you with (brand name)?

Other common examples include:

CSAT is usually a 5-point scale with legends on a scale of Very unsatisfied / Unsatisfied / Neutral / Satisfied / Very satisfied

What is the Composite Scorecard Index (CDM)?

Often times, a single answer question such as NPS® could be much less reliable and more volatile than a composite index. By combining multiple dimensions of scorecard ratings, a composite delight score can be built that may perform significantly better in predicting customer recommendations and retention.


Additionally, the CDM is a weighted index that can be customized by brands to fit their industry profile or to adaptively increase weights of certain metrics more than others. For example, a low-cost airline excels in taking passengers from point A to point B cost-effectively.


However, a full-class airline excels in delivering exemplary on-board service. Both of these while being in the same service industry have two different measures of customer experiences. For these, composite scorecards deliver a blended index to indicate accurate service levels.

Not all accounts may have NPS, CSAT or CES setup, and permissions with reports and views depending on configuration chosen by your organization. Get in touch with your Webex Experience Management administrator if you would like to discuss this further.