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Welcome to Webex Experience Management! This CX Guide covers the end-to-end lifecycle of the Webex Experience Management Customer Experience Management Program and includes the project plan, design, training, implementation information, and demos and tutorials.

About the Webex Experience Management Customer Experience Management Program

The success of a Customer Experience Management Program lies in delighting the customer at every touchpoint across the customer’s journey, made possible through an organization-level approach that ensures support from each employee. Webex Experience Management helps to design a shared company vision by bringing all employees on board, optimizes customer research, and improves the customer satisfaction by enhancing the brand experiences and impact. The platform enables businesses to acquire, engage, and analyze customers by gathering real-time Customer Experience (CX) data using multiple channels. This aims to:

CX Framework

While each CX program is designed to solve for specific problems, at Webex Experience Management, we will guide you through the typical customer journey, metrics, analytics, upgrades, and business impact, involving a generic workflow as illustrated below:

CX Generic Framework

Our platform collects real-time feedback from various channels, such as SMS, IVR, email. The results from this data analysis can be exported to provide broad and deep insights that help you evolve and improve the business and brand perception.

CX Technical Framework

Reading Reference

Before you get started with the CX program, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our platform and user interface(s) through the following content: