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Add or Append Answer Options

Why Add or Append Answer Option Using API

At times to enable analytics across large organizations, it is required to have Single or Multiple Answer pre-fill questions with large sets of answer options to allow easy filtering of data.

A good example here is enabling Experience Management analytics for Cisco Contact Centre. To allow agents and supervisors view customized spaces with data specific to each one of them, it will be required to have a pre-fill questions with an identifier like ID or name, which can then be used as a space filter or can be used in roles and departments for data restrictions.

Due to the nature of large orgaizations, in some cases these questions will run into a very large set of answer options which get increasingly difficult to manage using the Experience Management interface.

This API is aimed at allowing managing such questions with large number answer options.

Please note this API can be used to add (replace the full set of options) OR Append a set of new options to an existing question. This should be used carefully with the shouldAppend property marked as True to avoid losing existing answer options.

Add / Append Answer Options to Single or Multiple Answer Questions



Use bearer token which you have acquired from api/LoginToken in the request header.

Request body : Array[string]

id - Question ID of the Single or Multiple Answer question to which you want to add the answer options.

If shouldAppend is not specified or FALSE, the API will add the provided options as a new set of answer options (replacing any existing set of answer options). Ideally this should be used to re-ordered answer options or to add answer options for the first time.

If shouldAppend is specified and set as TRUE, then instead of adding a full set (or replacing the existing set) of answer options, the options provided in the body as an Array[string] will be appended to the existing set of answer options. This should be used to add more options to an existing single and multiple answer question without tampering with the existing list of answer options.

While adding or appending a set of options to a single or multiple answer question, the options provided in the API request are made distinct by ignoring case. Same answer options with matching text but different cases will not be added.

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