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Dashboard Widgets

Detailed Analytics for each Dashboard Space can be retrieved from API by posting a filter specification for matches to be performed. This retrieves a list of all the dashboard widgets created using CrossTabs and published to a Space.

Example call to fetch dashboard widgets by widgetid

Content-Type: application/json

Example Body

  "widgets": [
      "id": "5be483e14145b10358e247c6",
      "groupId": null,
      "user": "cem01",
      "title": "NPS Score",
      "description": null,
      "rows": [],
      "columns": [],
      "rendererName": "Score",
      "aggregator": "NPS",
      "aggregatorDisplayName": null,
      "optionsToExclude": {},
      "aggregatorQuestionIDs": [],
      "aggregatorValues": [],
      "shouldFormatDecimalPlaces": true,
      "decimalPlacesCount": 0,
      "lastModified": "2018-11-08T18:43:45.036Z",
      "defaultFilterDuration": 0,
      "sortBy": null,
      "tTestSampleType": 0,
      "confidenceLevel": 0,
      "showPValue": false
  "filter": {
    "location": [
      "Space Name"
    "surveyClient": null,
    "afterdate": "2019-03-24T18:30:00.000Z",
    "beforedate": "2019-04-23T18:29:59.999Z",
    "filterquestions": [],

Example Response with Widgets

The response returns an array of Widgets in the Spaces. In this example the NPS widget (with a score of 25) is returned.

  "visualizationSummary": {
    "5be483e14145b10358e247c6": {
      "summaryTree": [
          "children": null,
          "id": null,
          "data": "25",
          "pValue": null,
          "tStat": null,
          "pValues": null,
          "tStats": null,
          "isRow": false,
          "isColumn": false
      "visualization": null
  "totalCount": 1055,
  "sampleSize": 0,
  "messages": {},
  "totalCountByWidget": {
    "5be483e14145b10358e247c6": 1055

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