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Survey Tokens

Understanding Multi-Channel Survey Tokens

Businesses are multifaceted and customer interaction happen at many levels, making it essential to aggregate data from very different channels to arrive into one screen for analysis. Survey tokens enable presenting single survey on any channel while enabling customizing per user using built-in pre-fill data.

A typical token is composed of just few characters but enables embedding survey questionnaires with preset data(known as staff-fill on tablet mode) and have set lifetime (one use, multi use, valid after, valid before).

Using Survey Tokens Enables

Create Your First API Survey Token

Fresh and unique tokens per specific survey or even specific to surveyed customer can be created using API by posting information that the survey token will use in the format of the survey token data structure, all fields that are needed are only essential, any un-used or later for use fields can be skipped during creation, these will take the default values.

Sample Call to Create New Survey Token

Content-Type: application/json

Example Body

 "preFill": [{
 "questionId": "53d10eea3ec2411e8c1baa36",
 "questionText": "Enter your customer number",
 "textInput": null,
 "numberInput": 2345,
  "validTill": "2014-10-31T18:30:00.000Z",
  "validUses": 1,
  "location": “Downtown”,
  "rewardCode": "Thank you for letting us improve our service",
  "emailQuestion": "53d10eea3ec2411e8c1baa3c",
  "note": "Email After Service Interaction #23456"

Response : Successful addition will return the fresh token being assigned by API ready for use in web/email (ex. http://Webex Experience

 "id": "DM-21988",
 "user": "demo",
 "note": "Email After Service Interaction #23456",

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